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Thailand Amulet – Thai Buddhist Amulet Store

Thailand Amulet, authentic Thai Buddhist Amulet, Guaranteed from Thailand. Thailand Amulet provides Thai Buddhist and Occult Amulets, from the Great Master Monks and Lay Sorcerors of Thailand

Thailand Amulet – Buddhist and Occult Amulets from Thailand

Thailand Amulet’s latest additions can be viewed in the transmissions from Amulets TV Channel, with Thai Amulets being the main content material. Amulets TV uses Thailand Amulet and our sister store (Buddhist Amulet), with the help of Ajarn Spencer, to present our amulets and those from the personal collection of Ajarn Spencer, for Thai Amulet Fans around the World to enjoy . Thailand Amulets also has its own chanel, where you can watch the latest videos below, not all our Thai Amulets are included, but a large selection of Thailand Amulets’ Favorites are included for you to enjoy. Also many Chanting Tutorials and Amulet related videocasts from Ajarn Spencer. Ajarn Spencer is also producing a channel that jus about Thai Buddha Magic in General, called Buddha Magic TV, which is indeed part of the Sak Yant Foundation Project, or better said, the Sak Yant Foundation is contained within the Buddha Magic Project.

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