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Pra Somdej Kaiser Benjapakee Amulet from the Temple of the Dawn. Taken from the reserves, and released to complement the 2554 BE Gao Mongkol edition. Pim Lek (small size) recommendable for Ladies or Children.

Pra Somdej Kaiser – Pim Lek Ok Krut Sian Badtr – Nuea Krabueang Dtaek Lai Nga – Wat Arun 2554 BE

Pra Somdej Kaiser benjapakee amulet from the Temple of the Dawn. Taken from the reserves, and released to complement the 2554 BE Gao Mongkol edition. This pim lek (small size) is recommendable for ladies or children.

This edition of amulets was officially postered with the Somdej, Pra Yord Tong, and Nang Paya benjapakee set as the officially publicized release. But, as those in the know and niche collectors already know, this edition conceals an extremely famous and collectible sacred amulet within its fold. Though it is not visible on the official poster (below), but is indeed perhaps the amulet which the cult collector is truly seeking. Moreover, it is this particular type of amulet which the Temple of the Dawn has been famous for since the days when Somdej Pra Puttajarn Dto Prohmrangsri of Wat Rakang Kositaram still sat within the royal palace.

This amulet of which we enjoy gazing at, is, of course, the Pra Somdej ‘Gai Ser’; the ‘Kaiser Somdej’, which is known for its ‘hoo bai sri’ long eared and round headed Buddha image, and for the crackly texture of its sacred powder surface. The Pra Somdej Kaiser was issued at Wat Arun along with the Somdej Koo Bun Baramee Dtor Ngern Dtor Tong, and Pra Yord Tong.

It was made in three different pim, namely: (1) pim jumbo; (2) pim yai; and (3) pim lek, meaning ‘giant, large, and small size’.

Buddhist amulet

The edition was spearheaded by the second ever issue of the Wat Arun Pra Yord Tong loi ongk Buddha image statuettes, with these Pra Somdej amulets as the official flying colors of the edition. In addition to these, there were also a series of three amulet box sets of Pra Nang Paya sacred powder benjapakee amulets released, using powders from the ancient kru hiding chamber of the Pra Nang Paya Gru Gao. As already mentioned, there were three differently sized models of this eternally classic Pra Somdej Kaiser amulet released within this edition. However, they were less announced as usual, for their eventual depletion is certain with or without advertizement of their existence, due to the large number of cult niche collectors of this type of amulet.

Somdej Kaiser Thai Buddhist amulet

A coin with the map of Thailand on it and ‘ploi sek’ blessed pokasap gemstones are embedded in the rear side of the Pra Somdej Kaiser, which also features the traditional red ink of the rubber stamp of the temple visible on the surface.

The purpose of this edition, or, better said, purposes, were to celebrate the 84th year of life of His Majesty the King, and to pay for the education of young samanera novice and bhikkhu monks, in learning the vinaya (Buddhist Canon). Hence, the funds of this edition are given to support the education of poor and disadvantaged children and adolescents, and to various charitable projects for the betterment of society and the local standards of living.

The comittee of sponsors responsible for the official release and creation of this edition for this auspicious occasion were:

  • Sangha (ordained persons): Pra Taep Mongkol Rangsri, Pra Taep Maeti (Comittee Chairman), Pra Pipita Patanagarn.
  • Karavasa (lay persons): Ajarn Prayut Jantr Ocha.

The monks present for the Putta Pisek blessing ceremony were:

Luang Por Cherd, Lyang Por Samrit, Luang Por Chaliew Luang Por Wiwat, Luang Por Giaw Chart, Luang Por Briam, Luang Por Somchai, Kroo Ba Bun Tiam, Luang Por Tawee, Pra Ajarn Surasak, Luang Por Witaya, Luang Phu Nam, and Luang Por Pongs.

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Kata bucha Pra Somdej

Om Sri Sri Prohmrangsri Namadtae Mahaa Thaeraanusadto Maedt Dta Dtang Sukhang Andtaraayang Winaasandti Pawandtu Dte/Mae (use ‘Dte‘ for wishing blessing on ‘them’ and ‘Mae‘ for wishing blessings on ‘me’).


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